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What is Global Challenge?

Global Challenge is an online learning platform that enables students to participate and complete a series of specific individual or collaborative team based learning exercises (referred to as Challenges). In individual challenges, students navigate through a number of interactive activities designed to engage and educate simultaneously. In collaborative challenges, students form teams in order to complete project based tasks, and maintain communication through the integration of Cisco’s WebEx Teams.

Teachers can create these individual or collaborative challenges through the online admin authoring portal. In this portal, teachers can create syllabus specific individual or collaborative challenges (including grading outcomes), and assign them to a specific cohort of students. The data captured by students within Global Challenge can also be accessed to assess and evaluate the overall learning process.

Global Challenge was created in partnership with Curtin University and Pragmatic Solutions

How does it work?

How Can I Access Challenge?

If you wish to take part in a challenge that is specific to an institution, you must receive an invite from the author of that challenge to sign up and participate.

If you are a teacher wanting to access the authoring portal, please email for more information.

Where can I get more Information?

For more information on Global Challenge, to report an issue or provide general feedback, please email

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